Version 8.0

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Returns program uuids for a project.

URL Format



Name Req Type Description
project_uuid string The uuid of the project to search
category_id string The category id to pull program uuids from. For category projects, will return just the specified category. If no category is specified for category projects, the default category is returned. For non category projects, an error is returned.
sortBy string {programTitle,assetTitle,dateAdded,sortNum).
sortDir string {asc,desc)
start int The start range of Programs to return. Must be used in conjunction with end. Zero-based index
end int The end range of Programs to return. Used in conjunctions with start. Will return a subset of available programs. Used primarily for pagination. Zero-based inclusive index: E.G. /start/0/end/4/ will return five programs from the beginning.
app_token string The user api token
mode string This service only supports json as the return type

Request Headers


Possible Responses

  • 303 Programs Found
  • 318 Invalid Category ID
  • 102 Invalid app token

Example Response

{"response":{"success":{"code":303,"message":"Programs Found","details":""},"getProgramUUIds":{"clientUUID":"69739d355baa942ebab4d61573aa08ed","projectUUID":"t8592qaq","categories":{"default":["r0903w6r","du8poqyq","q686u1tz","q6v303s6","r5gxhp16","ir04gok8","oslw35y8","xzq4ju9r","v9adf3dh","x73epb3r"]}}}}